About Us


FROST SA, founded in 1998, is a joint-stock company registered in Canada (FROST, Inc.), which emerged and grew with the industry due to an ever-changing market and the increasingly demanding demands. We have added new products in addition to experienced consultants to always guarantee optimal service which will allow us to continue satisfying the needs of our clients.
Over the years, we have shared our knowledge with companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean; helping them to be faster and more profitable by creating new ways of doing business.
In the 21st century, for companies to be successful and growing, they need efficient tools to maximize the knowledge they possess. This is where FROST Inc can advise and help by offering all of our innovative services.
Today our service portfolio includes BPM (Workflow) Solutions, Document Manager Solutions, “OutSourcing” Image Capture, creation of programs adapted to your company, and development of web pages and consultancies. We have a wide range of clients including: Banks, State Companies (Public Institutions), Telephone Companies, Food Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Law Firms, Third Party Service Companies, Private Academic Institutions and Public Academic Institutions.

Business Goals

Share our knowledge with other companies by helping them to do business in a more efficient, faster and more profitable way.

Our mission

To be the best and to provide a quality and safety service to our clients.

Strategic Alliances

FROST Inc, has created synergy with different national and international companies. These companies represent us in addition to distributing our systems, solutions or services in their respective local markets.


Our headquarters are located in downtown Montreal; we also have a branch, FROST, Inc., (Front Row System Technology), in Panama City and in the San Francisco area, Bella Vista. We address the needs of image capture and process creation in the markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. We have chosen this location for its proximity to the financial sector of the city and for Panama’s reputation of being a safe place for business. This location allows us to have more physical space to continue growing. Our waiting room and office are very comfortable so that our clients and employees are in the best possible environment.