Higher productivity.

Efficacy and efficiency in the search and retrieval of documents and files. Quick and secure access to your company’s information, reducing search times and therefore response times.

Cost savings.

In general, the spaces where the documentation is preserved are reduced since it is not on paper; there are different savings that this entails (filing, printing, photocopying, searching,).

Time saving.

Have all the documentation in a single repository and with the same rules of description, creation, classification, capture, among others. All documentation is easier to find and retrieve, streamlining tasks within your organization and responding to customers. In addition, since it is already an electronic document, it also saves time avoiding the entire process of filing physical documents.

ROI improvement.

Numerous studies already carried out show that there is an improvement in ROI when implementing a document manager since it reduces costs, increases quality and provides a reliable response to the documentary demands of your organization, improving productivity.

Process improvement.

The automation of the processes allows the control of the process itself and of the documents that are generated in them, which improves processing and management times. This causes an increase in worker efficiency in addition to being able to manage the traceability and auditing of all the company’s work processes.

Long-term preservation of electronic documents.

The push of new technologies and the current clear trend is to arrive at the office without papers and that all documents from birth are electronic. The fast innovative pace of these allows and at the same time prevents the achievement of that objective. One of the great unknowns today is the long-term preservation and preservation of document formats that are already generated electronically in compliance with conservation laws and, more importantly, future recovery of their content. The existence of this platform, and being able to count on it within its document manager, would mean knowing that your information will be available for all the years of the document’s life, except for the technological changes that take place at that time.

Competitive advantages

We have years of experience in the area of developing document and process manager solutions with a mature tool of more than 25 years in the international market, with more than 6,000 installations throughout the world. We have prices that adapt to the reality of your company, without affecting our excellent service. In addition, we listen to and understand the needs of our clients, which is reflected in an optimal response time.
We adapt according to the needs and requirements of our clients and we have completely WEB-oriented applications, which guarantees its portability and its functionality over any operating system (APPLE, LINUX, WINDOWS or others).
We specialize in serving our clients through person-to-person contact and we offer them an individualized presentation geared to their needs.
At FROST, Inc., there are no pre-made presentations but case-by-case presentations, creating an interaction between our prospects and our sales teams.

Our strengths

FROST, Inc., offers a high degree of professionalism, efficiency, loyalty, experience, and personalization in dealing with the client since our staff has been rigorously selected and trained. The quality of our services is the product of continuous exercise of analytical, technical and personal skills of our work team. This is done in order to reach an effective solution to the purposes for which our clients have hired us.