On-Premise Facilities


This option can be used by clients who have their own servers and the IT staff that manages them. In this case, Frost installs the software on the client’s servers.
In this modality, the client’s personnel are in charge of maintaining all the infrastructure (servers, security equipment, backup equipment, …) necessary to guarantee system availability.
Business Document Management Software:
FileDirector allows you to capture, index, store and consult your documents easily, quickly and securely. It is accessible via web browser, mobile device or Windows application.
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Available on Frost Cloud as a service and on-premise (installed on client servers).
It has multiple integration mechanisms with other systems.
Compatible with MFPs and any scanner that uses industry image capture standards, be it TWAIN or ISIS.
It allows automatic indexing of documents by reading the digitized content. For this it uses optical character recognition technology, and access control by users and groups.
Detailed traceability of access to documents.