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SAAS FROST What is the SaaS service?

The SaaS or Software as a Service system is a software distribution model in which both the software and the data handled are centralized and hosted on a single server external to the company. It consists of renting any of our solutions. That is, being able to use our applications (File Director and / or BPM @ nywhere) from any client’s computer, tablet, and / or mobile. For example, a vendor’s laptop to our central server located in our data center as the software provider.
One of the big differences with the traditional model is that the software is already configured in the SaaS service. This supposes an important saving of time in the phase of installation and configuration of the software in each one of the computers that are going to use it.

Some advantages of our SaaS service

  • It is not necessary for the client to make an initial investment in equipment, and have a specialized support area for the use of the system, thus reducing their costs and investment risk.
  • The responsibility for the operation lies with us “FROST”, as a service provider. This means that the guarantee of software availability, and its correct functionality, is part of the service we offer you as a provider company.
  • The service and attention to clients is continuous.
  • FROST provides the means of secure access, in the application environments so that private data is not infiltrated in the public network.
  • The purchase of a license is not necessary for the use of the software; only the payment of rent is required.
  • Full access to all the different modules of the application with the included support.
  • FROST takes care of maintenance, updates and upgrades at no additional charge from the customer.


FROST offers you the massive document digitization service, executed by specialized personnel, equipment and procedures that will allow you to have a complete inventory of your documentation in images. The main advantage of our file digitization service is that it allows your records to be consulted by multiple users simultaneously. This will drastically reduce the consumption of paper and printing materials, protecting the physical integrity of the same by constant handling.
FROST offers a comprehensive digitization service for the execution of your project. We put at your disposal our expert staff in this system made up of supervisors, archivists, auditors, digitizers and specialized transcriptionists. We have the necessary equipment such as scanners, computers, printers and other required additional components. Our service includes the supply of office and stationery supplies to be used. The document digitization process requires the following steps:

Benefits of digitization

  • Reduce file maintenance costs.
  • Greater agility in the search and management of information.
  • Reduce desk space.
  • Digital files do not deteriorate over time.
  • They can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Is a security copy of the original file.
  • Allows shipping in a much more agile way.
  • Increases the security of file information
The purpose of a Document Management System is to preserve the knowledge and historical memory of organizations, as indicated by specialized studies: 90% of companies’ corporate memory exists on paper.
Given this circumstance, it is essential to have a set of procedures that facilitate correct administration and that help preserve the good state of the information, whether it is in paper or digital format.
That is the reason why a portfolio of complementary services designed to care for paper documents, such as digital information throughout their life cycle, has been designed.